The Arboretum on the Blue Hill

"Arboretum" is a sanctuary, a safe place for trees and plants. To preserve. Blue Hill goes back to the mid 1800's when migrants to Springville, New York (mostly from Buffalo) dismounted the stage coach and looked East to see blue sky above the hillside. This reference is now found on old maps and in books.

MAP AND DRIVING DIRECTIONS BELOW.  Camp, Hike, Fish, Birdwatch, Located between Springville and Arcade    Snomobile Stop, Star Gaze


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TaraTARA CIRCA 1880, 5 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

There is a main house dating back to 1880 with four bedrooms, plus a double room, together could accommodate 15 or more people. The new guest house is two bedrooms, a spacious loft and all utilities with the lower level of which is open as a meeting or large dining area.


The SunsetThe GRANDVIEW    Two Bedrooms, Large Loft.

Spacious main floor.
Lower level is open as a meeting or large dining area..
Two Bedrooms, Large Loft.


The CottageThe COTTAGE     Central Room / Loft

Has all the conveniences with quarters for two or more. It is in a secluded spot near a pond, pathways and soon to be built, covered foot bridge to the lake.


The SUNSET - LOG CABIN      Two Bedroom

A new log cabin located high on the hillside (approximately 2500') gives a view to West Valley and Springville areas to the west. This location provides a great view of beautiful sunsets.


GPS    10745 HILLIKER ROAD, DELEVAN N.Y. 14042 (Town of Yorkshire)
Phone (716) 652 4206


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Tree planting began in 1947 and continues to this day.
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hen Don Hilliker, Jr. took over the open tree areas, he began to plant lesser known trees (mostly fir trees - "genis abies") from around the world. Japan, Russia, China and others. Focus has been on the flora of China as they are native to almost half of the world's true firs. Seedling orchards and various forms of breeding are in progress.


This land is in the northern edge of Cattaraugus County five miles east of Springville, 6 miles west of Arcade, New York. Houses are available for rental. This 335 acre property is on back country roads, quiet and peaceful. Home to much wildlife including an occasional American eagle. Two small lakes and several ponds are stocked for fishing.





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Don Hilliker
981 Jamison Road
Elma, New York 14059
Phone (716) 652 4206


981 Jamison Rd.
Elma, NY 14059
Phone (716) 652 4206
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